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A Complete Guide to a Safe Property Purchase
Buying a house on the portuguese silver coast

All that you have to know when you want to purchase a property in Portugal.


Stages to make a safety property purchase

Before you decide to buy a house and signing the promissory purchase contract, it will be convenient to pay attention
to some aspects that may condition your decision. Namely if the property fulfills all the legal formalities.

Finance Services

Go to the Finances Services of your property area and try to know if:
- the property is free from heirs with right of refusal or lodger;
- the Municip al Tax on property is up to date, in case of second hand purchase.

Seller / Constructor

With the responsable you’ll know the property construction quality, inquire about:
- used materials;
- electricity;
- isolations;
- canalizations and sewers;
- interior conservation, and eventual calculation for the repairing cost that might appear;
- the available liquid area;
- regulation and condominium costs.

Land Register Office

Go the Register Office of your property area, to know if:
- the seller it’s the property legal owner;
- there aren’t any mortages or confiscations
- the property is not subject to usufruct for the benefit of a third person

Town Hall

Go the Town Hall and try to know if:
- the habitation and Construction licenses have already been emitted;
- in case of plot acquisition for future habitation construction, if the plot is placed in authorized zone for urban constructions;
- in case that the plot has authorization for construction, which are the characteristics for the habitation that can constructed.

Courts or Commercial Information Companies

Go to the Court or to a Commercial Information Company and try to know:
- about the Seller / Constructor financial situation;
- if you decide to buy a house in drawing, confirm if the promoters have capacity and qualification to make the undertaking.