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Condominium Administration Services

Residence & Confidence, is a property management, condominium management and housing services experts organization performing in the Silver Coast area (Caldas da Rainha, São Martinho do Porto, Nazaré, Óbidos, Praia d'el Rey, Bom Sucesso), which goal is to satisfy its Clients through prompt answers and tailored solutions.

We are a young, professional and committed team aiming to provide prompt assistance. Working to solve and monitor all situations that may arise at the condominium administration, through close attention, scheduled procedures and preventive inspections. It’s also our purpose to keep all co-owners updated through a simple and clear communication approach. Minded with this goals we are using now Gecond - Condominium Management Software. A comprehensive tool which provides us a much organized work and prompt feedback.

And because each condominium administration has different needs, we use to customize the provided solutions seeking the improvement and optimization of your condominium facilities. Promoting owners life quality by the assumption of the management and maintenance tasks in accordance with National set of laws.

Our professionals regularly inspect the condominiums under our attention performing preventive maintenance. And for specific situations beyond our scope of action, we celebrate strategic partnerships with experts in complementary activities, qualified to answer any needs that may occur.


R&C Condominium Management is a safe value for any modern dwelling complex.



  •          Condominium Administration and Maintenance;
  •          Cleaning;
  •       Garden maintenance;
  •       Pool Maintenance.


Job description for a traditional condominium management assignment


  • Receive from the former manager or from the builder, all relevant documents, the building plan and details. The licences to build and to use, the Horizontal Property document, etc.;   
  • Establish or update the Internal Condominium rules book and keep it up-to-date with all new legal issues and decisions taken at the Condominium General Assemblies. 



  • Select suppliers and manage maintenance contracts for cleaning, gardening, pool maintenance or others;
  • Supervise all contracted services.



  • Convene and organize the annual Condominium General Assembly Meeting.
  • Assist the Condominium General Meetings;
  • Keep Condominium insurances up-to-date (for building and work accidents for the working personnel who works in the building);
  • To assemble in a meeting with the Owners representatives whenever needed;
  • To support the Condominium with legal and city council issues regarding the condominium;
  • Carry out the Condominium General Meeting decisions;
  • Keep up to date the Condominium regarding new legal issues or new legislation;
  • To make all payments to suppliers and/or workers;
  • In case the condominium has direct workers, send promptly and monthly the legal documents to the local Social and Tax Departments;
  • To assist, so that all persons within the Condominium communal areas abide by the rules of the condominium.



  • To open or keep and manage a bank account on behalf of the Condominium and start the fiscal process;
  • Business plan, a Yearly budget constitution for expenses and income. Constitution of the Legal reserve fund;
  • To supervise all Condominium expenses having in consideration the approved budget;
  • Collect the contributions set out in Assembly Condominiums for common expenses and reserve fund of the condominium, sending notifications of payments and, subsequently, the payment receipts.
  • The monthly fee payment should be compulsory made until the 8th of the month concerned. If any owner chooses to make payments quarterly, every six months or even annually, should perform it in advance, until the 8th day of the first month of the concerned period.

o   In any situation of arrears payments for the condominium fees R&C will act according to that is defined in the Condominium General Assembly and stated in the minute of the General-assembly or defined by the (issued and approved) Condominium RulesTo keep up to date a statement with the individual fees paid or outstanding of each joint owner;

  • File and store properly all Condominium documents.



  • Regular visits (weekly – or other, according budgeted) to check if everything is going according to the Joint-Owners general meeting decisions.
  • Check and act in accordance with the condominium safety rules;
  • Perform regular equipments verifications, and request on time all compulsory and periodical equipments inspections (e.g.: piping for gas and water, extinguishers)
  • To supervise all subscribed services (cleaning, gardening and other maintenance tasks).



  • To explain the Condominium rules;
  • To mediate conflicts regarding shared parts.
  • To prepare the annual Condominium General Meeting agenda and previously send it by email the information to be discussed at the meeting, giving to everyone the possibility for a pre-meeting discussion about the different issues.




// Cleaning Program

The standard cleaning program includes:

  • Weekly visits to keep the communal areas clean and tidy, floor, walls, halls, stairs, etc.
  • Garage deep clean (with machinery);
  • Roof cleaning – (usually annual);  
  • The cleaning program includes the supply of materials and products.


// Garden Maintenance


Our standard Garden Maintenance program includes:


  • from April until September – 3 X per month
  • from October until March – 2 X per month


Note: the above-mentioned periodicity refers the pre-programmed visits. We could perform additional ones if we feel it is necessary for the cleanness and healthiness of the garden.

Included tasks:

  • General cleaning;
  • Grass trim and treatment;
  • Fertilization;
  • Green areas & lakes maintenance;
  • Sprinklers maintenance;
  • Trees seasonal trim;
  • Plagues control and eradication. Preventive treatments; weeding;
  • Plants reposition if a plague occurs.


// Pool Maintenance


Our standard Pool Maintenance program for public pools or pools with intensive use includes:


  • July and August  – daily inspections and cleaning;
  • June and September – inspection and cleaning every second day;
  • from October until May – weekly maintenance.

Note: the above mentioned periodicity refers the pre-programmed visits. We could perform additional ones if we feel it is necessary for the cleanness and healthiness of the pool and water.


Included tasks:

  • Pool General cleaning;
  • Filters cleaning and maintenance;
  • Water chemical tests;
  • Supply Chemicals and adding a dosage of Ph water to maintain its level (which should be between 7,2 and 7,4) (and Salt if applicable)