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Administrative Support

Property management and Administrative supportPersonalised assistance in dealing with the Portuguese authorities.

The inherent bureaucracy after an acquisition of a property is always considerable, from the simple task of subscribing to a phone line to the payment of municipal taxes!

For any administrative or legal issue, it’s always necessary to fill in forms or to read and understand the regulations in Portuguese. Not to mention time spent in queues and waiting for your number to be called.

Once again R&C is right there, making your life easier and besides speaking English, we also speak and write Portuguese, naturally, of course!...

This service provided by R&C to the owner, offers personal assistance in administrative and bureaucratic matters of a domestic nature.  Particularly useful when you first set up or move house and in applying for electricity, water, telephone and internet services, but also helpful in many other issues involving the local authorities and administration.

In technical matters or those requiring a specialized knowledge we can recommend experts in their respective fields with fluent English, who can help you to deal with and understand some of the more complex issues relating to the acquisition and ownership of property in Portugal.