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Property Management Global AdministrationPROPERTY MANAGEMENT – Managing your bills and property taxes

Imagine how your precious holiday would be if you had to spend days at the Town Hall paying an overdue tax bill, or trying to find out why they cut off the water or even lodging a complaint at Portugal telecom because they had charged you too much!  OK be smart!  Take our advice and leave these isses to R&C.  Relax in comfort and confidence and appreciate the gentle soothing lifestyle of the Silver Coast.

All matters connected with the property, whether periodic or “on demand” such as payment of taxes, electricity, water, gas, internet, security etc will be supervised by R&C.  We even check direct debits to make sure the correct amounts have been recorded. 

This is based on a bank account set up by the owner with authorization for R&C to monitor transactions through the account.  These tasks are the starting point for our Property Management Services.