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House Closure Service

Property Management House Closure - PortugalPutting the House to Bed

Sitting by the pool, seahulls wheeling overhead and watching this spectacular sunset over the Atlantic Ocean, feels like magic!

Touched by a smooth but warm and gentle breeze everyone was amazed with the myriad of colors assumed by the sky… but… Yes the flight back was booked for a couple of hours later and you know that airplanes don’t wait! We should pack up in a hurry and start driving to the airport; but this last dive in the swimming pool at dusk feels like heaven… I’ll stay just a little longer in the water… enjoying a last luxuriating swim!

You probably won’t have enough time to pack your luggage and close the house as it should be with the garden furniture stored, water and gas turned off and security double checked.  Fortunately, R&C is at hand and we can take care of all these issues so that you do not spend the return journey worrying about whether or not you closed the window or turned off the oven before you left.

HOUSE CLOSING SERVICE (putting the house to bed!) – This service includes checking and preparing the property ready for the next visitors and/or closing and securing the house for the end of season.  Garden furniture will be stored, covers put over the furniture, sheets washed and ironed and the property will be secured.

Our Confidence Contract includes thorough Spring Cleaning of the property each year.  Blinds, windows and doors are washed, cupboards cleaned inside and out, walls checked for marks and scratches, glassware and cutlery polished to a shine, kitchen scrubbed and polished and all floors vacuumed, washed and waxed as necessary.