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Maintenance Repairs and Instalations

Property MAINTENANCE REPAIRS AND INSTALATIONSThe kitchen light bulb blows out! The wardrobe door makes an awkward noise! You bought a new painting and want to hang it but you don’t have the necessary tool or don’t want to be bothered with those tasks?

Don’t worry, you have our Confidence Contract! Call R&C.

For the duration of the R&C Confidence Contract, we will carry out maintenance tasks such as replacing light bulbs, hanging pictures or curtains, fixing lamps, adjusting doors etc.  These jobs are carried out by our staff during working hours.  Larger projects or those that require special skills or involve guarantees or maintenance contracts are not included in the Confidence Contract.

We at R&C have partnerships with many specialised companies in order to offer our clients the best service possible whether for plumbing, electricity, general construction or even high tech solutions. Two or three tender proposals are always submitted for comparison and approval by the owner.