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The Estremadura stretch of the Silver Coast is home of traditional villages, modern holiday resorts and fantastic surf territory. The long sandy beaches, mild climate and warm bays safe for swimming are very popular among tourists.
Most seaside resorts stemmed from fishing ports and many continue tradition alongside more modern tourist pursuits like surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing and snorkeling and scuba diving. There is a string of glorious sandy beaches all the way along the coast that range from small secluded coves to wide sandy beaches all pretty much with an easy going beach atmosphere. Many of them are relatively undiscovered both in terms of mass tourism and for surfing spots. So if you’re travelling by car you can discover a beach or bay to suit your taste.

Peniche was originally an island and was joined to the mainland is the 16th century when a sand spit formed linking the island. Today it’s a peninsular with 15 kilometers of rocky coastline jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean. It is an important fishing port and a major supplier of crayfish, sardines and tuna. It is famous for its lace made locally and for its fish restaurants serving some of the best seafood dishes around. It’s a lively resort with plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants.

Peniche is also one of the most famous surfing resorts in Portugal with its big amount of coastline around the peninsula you can always find some great waves for all ranging levels, from the beginner to the expert you will be amazed with the waves in Peniche.

Cabo Carvoeiro, a rugged peninsular topped by a lighthouse, is a good viewpoint, two kilometers west of Peniche town. The rocks have been eroded into striking angular pillars and sea caves.
Baleal beach is another popular surfing and holydays location, a small island 4 kilometers east of Peniche connected to the mainland by a causeway. It is a very popular, laid back place with a big amount of surf schools where you can hire boards and wetsuits or book lessons. The nightlife by the summer time his very good to, with some of the best beach clubs around.

Peniche town and Fort

Peniche’s town is fortified with walls and a moat dominated by the impressive 16th century fortress that was built to head off invaders at the narrow entrance to the penisula. The fortress, open Tue-Sun 10.30am -12.30pm and 2-6pm, admission is free of charge.

The fort also houses the Peniche Municipal Museum that features a display of locally handcrafted lace, which has been a specialty of Peniche for centuries.

There is also a monument nearby commemorating the “lace-women”, who wove the intricate “bobbin lace” on top of cylindrical pillows.

Peniche Tourist Information

Address: Rua Alexandre Herculano, 2520-676 Peniche
Tel / Fax: 351 262 789 571
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Berlenga Island Nature Reserve

Peniche is also the access point for Berlenga island, and island 10 kilometres offshore from Cabo Carvoeiro. The island is only two and a half square kilometres with jagged coastline of stacks, caves and extraordinary rock formations. The island have been designated a nature reserve, due to its marine wildlife, cliff top flora and the thousands of seabirds that have colonized the island including puffins, guillemots, gulls and cormorants.

There is no permanent population and along with the day-trippers, only fishermen, guides and scientists inhabit temporarily. There are some marked paths in the island for visitors but most areas are prohibited to avoid disturbance to the nesting birds. The impressive 17th century fort, built into the rock and joined to the island by a causeway is now partially converted into a hostel.

For the best of the island, head to Praia do Carreiro do Mosteiro, renowned for its fabulous beaches and the S. João Baptista fortress and lighthouse.

Take a boat trip to appreciate the clear local waters and discover the countless coastal caves. One is called "Furado Grande" (Large Borehole) and runs from one side of the island to another, coming out in the "Cova de Sonho" bay.

For divers, the waters of the Berlengas ensure good visibility of not only the marine fauna and flora but also sunken ships, including the San Pedro de Alcantara.

To get to this living "oceanarium", take the boat from Peniche, the trip is about of 30/40 minutes and there are some boats doing the trip.
Viamar – 351 262785646

Nautipesca – 351 917588358

Berlenga Turpesca – 351 262789960

Julios – 351 917601114 / 351 262782698 (night)

Mensageiro do Mar – 351 965167233

If you want to go there in August, you’ll have to book before you go because there are some many people going there.

The price is about 18 € if you want to go and come back in the same day. If you want to stay there for a night you have several options, you can stay at the Fort for 10€ (you have to take sheets and blankets but you can cook) or camping for 8 €. For about 75€ for couple (breakfast included) you can stay Pavilhão Mar e Sol, where you can eat some of the freshest fish you’ll ever taste.

For reservations:
Forte de S. João Batista – 351 262 785263

Camping – 351 262 789 571

Pavilhão Mar e Sol – 351 262 750331


Due to their proximity to the sea, the people from Peniche have always been devoted to fishing, so it’s no surprise that the region’s gastronomy consists mainly of seafood and shellfish dishes.
In the numerous restaurants of the city and in the main beach resorts and Spas of the region, the most diverse gastronomic diversity can be found, with emphasis to the “Caldeira de Peniche” (Peniche Fish Stew) and “Sardinha Assada” (Grilled Sardines). Equally delicious are the typical deserts of the region, of which the main specialties are the “Pastéis de Peniche” (Peniche Pastry), and almond cookies known as “esses” (S-shaped biscuits).
The Avenida do Mar and the Largo da Ribeira are the two locations in the city where most of the restaurants and specialty shops can be found. However, restaurants are spread all over the municipality, making gastronomy a high point and one of the greatest attractions of the region.


Regarding handcrafts, Peniche is not only rich due to the famous “renda de bilro” (bilro lace), but also thanks to other handcrafts which, although not as well known, are also important to the tourist propagation of Peniche.
The ALA artisans use a diverse range of materials such as: works in limestone original and unique to the Peniche beaches, woodwork, such as miniature representations of vessels, and surf related woodwork, representations of Peniche people in hardened fabric, pottery and painting works.

Places to visit

Peniche Fortress
Address: Campo da República, 2520-607 Peniche
Tel.: +351 262 780 116

Built by decree of D. João III in 1557 and finished in 1645, it was considered by D. João III the main marine entrance to the Portuguese Kingdom. The Peniche Fortress has important features: not only the typical star shaped form, but also the rounded bastion – the first fortification built in the Peniche peninsula – the Sentinel Tower and the Santa Bárbara Chapel.

Furninha’s Cave
The Furninha’s Cave, located on the south coast of the Peniche peninsula, is a natural cave used during pre-historical times, and is one of the most important pre-historical sites of the municipality.
Currently located along the sea, this cave was used from the Middle Palaeolithic period to the end of the Chalcolithic era, and was excavated in the 1880s by the researcher Nery Delgado.

S. Pedro Church
Address: Largo de Castilho, 2520-302 Peniche
The S. Pedro Church is located in the heart of the historical centre of Peniche, and it is the largest place of worship in the municipality. It is without doubt the most imposing church of the municipality.

Misericord Church
Address: Largo de Castilho, 2520-302 Peniche
The Misericord Church, dated from the beginning of the 17th century, belongs to the Peniche Misericord House. This church, attached to the old Peniche House of Misericord Hospital, shows a rare interior design beauty, visible in the tile panels of the 18th century, in the oil paintings, some of great dimension, that decorate its walls with scenes related to evangelical moments, and in the ceilings decorated with adorned frames, illustrated with scenes from the life and passion of Christ.

Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Sanctuary
Address: Largo dos Remédios, 2520 Peniche
The Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Chapel, located in the most occidental extreme of the Peniche Peninsula coast, is the base of a Sanctuary dedicated to worshipping the Holy Mary. The date of this church’s construction is unknown; however, it is supposed to have been built in the 12th century.
According to the legend, the Holy Mary was found in the 12th century, hidden in a cave located where the chapel is today, what gave rise to the worship of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios.

São Baptista Fortress
Address: Arquipélago das Berlengas, 2520 Peniche
The St. John the Baptist Fortress is located in the Berlenga Island, and its construction was ordered by D. João IV in 1651 and it was concluded in 1656. Built to prevent the island occupation by the North African corsairs or greater enemy powers.

Touril - Autoguia da Baleia

Dated possibly from the 17th century, the Touril, as it is known nowadays, seems to correspond to a structure used occasionally as the stage for bullfighting affairs, by the idle royal family and nobles frequently lodged in the neighbouring Paço da Serra de El-Rei.

S. Leonardo Church – Autoguia da Baleia

Address: Largo São Leonardo, 2525-029 Atouguia da Baleia
The St. Leonardo Church, located in the old Atouguia da Baleia village constitutes the oldest Christian temple in the municipality, dating from the 17th century.
According to the tradition, this church in gothic style, consecrated to St. Leonard, was built using the bones of a whale that run ashore.


A Tasca do Joel
Address: Rua do Lapadusso 73, 2520-370 Peniche
Tel.: +351 262 782 945
Opening time: 12:00 – 22:30
Closing days: Monday and Sunday (dinner).
Specialties: Bacalhau (codfish) à Lagareiro; Bacalhau (codfish) à tasca; bacalhau (codfish) à Joel; Lombinhos de porco preto; Bife à lapa do urso; Javali à tasca com castanhas; Codornizes.

Restaurante do Parque

Address: Avenida 25 de Abril Parque do Baluarte, 2520-202 Peniche
Tel.: +351 262 789 251
Closing days: Tuesday
Specialties: Soups: Sopa rica do mar. Fish: Arroz de marisco; Peixe grelhado; Carapaus; Lagosta suada e robalo à moda de Peniche; Alfaquique com açorda de ovas; caldeirada. Desserts: Pastéis de Peniche; Ésses de Peniche.

Marisqueira Estelas
Address: Rua Arquitecto Paulino Montez 21, 2520-294 Peniche
Tel.: +351 262 782 435
Opening time: 12:00 – 16:00 e 19:00 – 24:00
Closing days: Wednesdays
Specialties: Açorda Seafood; Cataplana Fish; Cataplana Seafood; Clams; Fish Soup; Fish Stew; Fish with Salt; Mackerel Alimos; Monkfish Rice; Posta Mirandesa; Ribs; Seafood Rice; Tournedos.
Cozy restaurant and family run, its menu highlights are the fish dishes and various specialties of Portuguese cuisine. Excellent wine list.