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São Pedro de Moel
Located between the pine forest and the sea, São Pedro de Moel is a splendid beach sheltered by a row of houses, replete with good taste, conveying a somewhat aristocratic air. 
Ideal for enthusiasts of open air sports given its range of facilities including a beach volleyball court, quality year round surfing and all the thrills of sea and underwater fishing. 
Late on, the café terraces and an impressive sunset best characterise the elegant, cosmopolitan and lively ambience of the nightlife in São Pedro de Moel.

Points of interest include the Atlântico Village Resort at Pedra do Ouro, Praia Velha, Praia da Concha, Penedo da Saudade, the lighthouse and Ribeira de Moel, all slightly to the north. In the pine forests there are several parks, and it includes the Round of Seven, which is a beautiful journey of approximately 7km, via sea, beach, pine forest, parks, fountains and streams.